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Trezy helps you to cut down unnecessary costs, schedule the payment of your outstanding debts, & create accurate forecast of your cash flow in no time.

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Stop wasting time in poor
Excel sheets.

Trezy is the best tool to help you steering your business. We'll help you categorize all your bank transactions for the past three months in less than 24 minutes. All your future transactions will be automatically booked in the right category thanks to our algorithm.

Cut unnecessary costs

We make these costs obvious.

See where you are overspending

Compare your ratios industry average and spot in seconds where you are overspending compare to your competition.

Forecast your decisions

Create scenarios based on your cost-cutting & investment decisions.

Cost Control

Identify and cut all unnecessary costs.

Analyse each cost center in a couple of minutes and identify the ones that have negative impact on your business.
On average our customers cut 370€ monthly expenses after one month using Trezy.

Unused tools

Unfair bank fees

Employee expenses

Wrong Direct Debit

Improve your performance

Compare your performance to your Competitors.

Trezy gives you real time information on how you are performing for companies of your size in your industry. With us, you'll make better decision based on what others are doing better thank you.

Salary / Turnover

You are spending +31% than industry average on salaries based on your turnover.


Monthly Growth

Your monthly growth was +6% compared to your competition this month.


Gross Margin

Your gross margin is -12% compared to your industry based on last quarter .

Schedule outstanding account payable

Schedule the payment of your
overdue expenses or short term debts.

Did you have to postpone payments because of the current crisis?
With Trezy, you can easily plan and see the impact on your cash position.


Cut your cost
easily with Trezy.

Using our innovative platform, you can quickly identify unnecessary costs, and make the best decisions based on your bank transactions.

Plan your cost cutting actions.

And measure the impact on your future cash position.

Create unlimited scenarios

And monitor them automatically every day.

Forecast the impact in the long term

We help you to make sustainable decisions.

Plan your future investments.

And measure when it will pay off

Create your debts payments

And make sure you can afford it.

Share with your bank or your investor

In two clicks, export all your budget in Excel.


Schedule your investments and debts
and always have 3 to 6 months visibility.

Today, most companies are postponing payments of rent or government taxes. With Trezy, it is easier for you to plan your payment schedule for each one of them.


Improve your management skills
with Trezy.

We'll help you to be better at business planning with our easy solution.

Compare your forecasts to actual.

Learn from your mistakes and forecast better.

Real time information every day

Check how far you are from your monthly goal.

Complete Control

Gain visibility with accurate forecast.

Always anticipate your cash needs and cash position by creating your scenarios with Trezy. You'll get a cash position in 3-6 or 12 month.
No maintenance needed.
Everything is updated automatically.

Added value

Alternative to Trezy.

Let's compare your current solutions to Trezy.


We cut our prices until end of December.

Basic plan will come back to 100€ / month as soon as the sanitary crisis is over. If you pick our 79€ plan today, we won't increase your fees for the next 12 months.

79 /months

excluding VAT

Up to 4 bank accounts

Unlimited users

Online support via chat

Collaborative platform

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Industry and competition benchmark

Weekly action plan advices

Exports of CSV of your forecast

Dedicated account manager

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